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Sod Installation

Schedule Today, Pay Online, & Get Your New Lawn Installed Urgently With Remarkable Results - (813) 473-2271 Get the HOA violations off your back fast - Take Action Now!

We take all the right steps to ensure long term results. Its our guarantee with our 100% warranty!
Let's start with your turf grass - its important that you use the right turf grass for your type of soil, shaded, or full sun area? You don't know what you need??? Don't worry we can answer that during our free quote.
Our sod installation service is priced by square feet. So we have to measure the installation area to generate your installation fee. The quote is free. Their is now charge, unless we don't install the sod. 

Your lawn sprinklers are inspected. Your existing lawn will have to go. We kill off your existing lawn completely. After its dead - we clean it up, remove rocks, debri and grade the area as needed to prep up the lawn for your new fresh sod. 

We don't forget about the fertilizer - it will be added as the final touch.