Tree Service

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The work should done by trained, experienced professionals who are fully licensed & insured. 
  • Tree is growing too close to the home and could be causing foundation problems.
  • Tree is blocking sunlight, so that the other trees cannot grow properly.
  • Tree is dead, dying or diseased and poses a threat to your home or property.
  • Removal of Deadwood.
  • Damaged/Diseased Sections.
  • Increase Safety of property and surrounding homes.
  • Clear Utility Lines and Meet Requirements of City Codes.
  • Removal of Obstructive Limbs.
Every cut made during tree pruning can change the look and growth patterns of a tree. That’s why it’s important to let an experienced tree ACS employee survey the tree and select each branch for removal so that the process is deliberate and made in consideration of the entire structure. When pruning young trees it is particularly important to create structurally-sound scaffolding that will define the long-term health, visual appeal, and shape of the tree. This type of evaluation requires extensive knowledge and experience, both of which are provided by Authentic Custom Services Inc.