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Tree Trimming

Get Your Palm Tree Trimmed Today!

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Our Palm Tree Services includes the following at affordable fees. Please contact us for a no-cost, accurate estimate. 
  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Removal
  • Installation
Properly pruned trees will enhance the safety of tree structure by removing broken, dead, damaged, diseased or competing limbs; significantly reduce the likelihood of storm damage to other trees or structures;
  • boost overall tree health and vitality;
  • promote proper structure and growing habits in young trees (developmental pruning);
  • improve aesthetic appeal in mature trees;
  • provide clearance to streets, structures or other landscapes.
Tree pruning is the most fundamental part of tree care and is necessary to maintain optimal health for your valuable trees. As a general rule, tree pruning is necessary every 3-5 years; but can vary depending on tree species, health and location. Trees are pruned to clean, thin, raise, and/or reduce. 

At ACS Tree Care, our goal is to leave your trees looking natural.