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May 28, 2020

Regrettably, there aren’t many signs that will let you know your water pump will get bad.


By the time you’d find out you need a replacement, your might be running late for a meeting with your boss. In other words, it mostly happens that you find out your water pump for well needs replacement at awkward times.


As we all know that water pumps used at home are crucial parts of the resources, as it provides water for many years with little servicing. Because these pumps require little maintenance, homeowners are yet to acknowledge the fact that they should not be neglected totally. Most times, they are left till the day they stop working or pumping water. If you refuse to put this into the act, the cost you’d incur would be more than what you would have spent on maintenance.


Like every other kind of appliances we buy at home, the water pump can get damaged. But you won’t want a device that supplies your house water to get damaged, right? Why not avoid this by taking note every sign a pump gives when it is about to get damaged?


6 Tips for Maintaining Your Irrigation System


Being able to identify these warning signs will help you get rid of not having water, or having a poor supply of water. So here are 6 warning signs that would let you know that your water pump for the well is bad;


The quality of water changes

The first sign you will notice when your water pump starts to get worse is the quality of water that is pumped into your house. The smell, taste, and color of the water get contaminated, making it unsuitable for both human and animal consumption. Contaminants like sand, silt, decaying organic waste, etc. are capable. Also, rusting pipes can cause the taste of the water to change.


The pressure of the water is low

Low water pressure from water pumps is often caused by clogs that are created by rusted iron pipes, debris, or sand. This also another sign that shows you that something is wrong with the pump, and needs to be checked. If you notice that your water has particles of iron in it, you should note that the sieve/screen is damaged and clogged, and needs to be cleaned or replaced.


Mud in water

Muddy water shows that your water pump for the well cannot filter mud away from the water before drawing it to the surface. When you start to see sediments of mud in your water, it shows that the plumbing system is being worn out faster by sand and silt.


Spiking electricity bill

Clogged plumbing systems and worn-out pumps make the plumbing system run more than they do when they were new. This leads to a spike in the use of electricity. Another that causes an increase in the electricity bills is when the valve in the well gets bad. The valves’ function is to prevent the water from going into the tank from drawing back into the well. Once the valve gets bad, the water flows back into the well, causing the pump to switch back on. This occurrence can go on for the whole day, causing the water pump to function longer than usual. This eventually leads to an increase in the cost of electricity bills.


Stammering faucets

Don’t be scared, when I say stammering, I don’t mean your faucets will speak. When a faucet stammers, the product sputtering sounds when water is flowing ours through them. So when you turn on your faucets and blasts of air comes out before water, then this signifies that there is air in your plumbing system. If this continues, it means you have to service your pump.


Presence of sediment in pumped water

Two major things can cause this to happen; when the water level in the well has dropped and the pump starts to draw in sands and sediment. Or when the screen for the well due to constant use has been worn out or depleted. This causes sand that might have been screened out to get into the pressure tanks.


As you can see, machines need care and maintenance too. Just because something is working well at a point does not mean they do not need to be checked upon. It is then left to you to ensure that the water pump for your well is properly maintained. For professional well pump repairs, click here and also feel free to share your well water pump experience with us in the comment below.

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