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August 3, 2020

Conserving water is one of the best ways to maintain and enjoy your water irrigation system. As a matter of fact, conserving water keeps your water bills as minimal as possible, and also keeps your community safe from water challenges that may arise otherwise. If you’re reading this, it is most definitely because you need to learn how to conserve water.

Truth is, conserving water with your irrigation system is not as expensive as it sounds. With some of the tips and methods provided here, you can enjoy a fresh green lawn all year round.

Get Rid of Leaks

Did you know that a single leak could rob you of up to 6,000 gallons of water annually? Calculate the value of that in cash, and see how much you waste on leaks. Outdoor leaks are often difficult to notice especially if they are minor leaks in the drip line, valves or hoses. To address this, you should do a thorough inspection every week. On the other hand, if you charge a repair company with the management of your irrigation system, they will get the job done for you.

Water your Lawn in the Morning and Water Deeply

Another inexpensive method to conserve water in your irrigation system is to schedule your watering for mornings. The idea is to water your lawn before the weather becomes hot. This comes with a number of advantages: your watering schedule is fixed, and, more so, it allows water to go deep down into the soil and not get evaporated. This way, the roots of your lawn are encouraged to grow deep down into the soil.

Install a Smart Weather Sensor Device

Overwatering is one of the major causes of water wastage. You definitely don’t want to water your lawn under a heavy rainfall but your traditional irrigation system comes with a schedule that waters the lawn whether or not it is raining. So, to avoid this, you should install a smart weather sensor that tells your sprinkler how much it has rained, when not to water, and when to shut off automatically. An automatic rain shutoff device costs around $200 but it is worth the price.

Install a Smart Controller

A Smart Controller helps you adjust the sprinkler to suit the water needs of your lawn at each point in time. It works with seasonal changes to determine how much  watering time your lawn or plants need. A smart controller might be a little over $300 but it is a worthy investment. It relieves you of the stress of manually setting up the sprinkler, avoids overwatering and keeps your water bill low.

Irrigate in Short Cycles

Now, this is a smart and effortless way of conserving water and getting the best of it. Especially in hot weather, evaporation is a problem. This means if you set your irrigation timer to water your lawn for about 13 to 15 minutes, you might end up losing 30 to 45% water to evaporation. To avoid this, simply set your timer to 3 irrigation circles of 4 to 5 minutes each. After each sprinkling cycle, leave the water to soak deep down into the soil for about 20 minutes before sprinkling for another 4 or 5 minutes. This way, you allow the water enough time to settle into the soil, and you lose nothing to the hot weather.

Raise your Sprinkler Head or Mow the Grass Around

Because the area around your sprinkler head is always watered, grass and shrubs are bound to grow high in the area. Tall grass will deflect water from reaching most areas of your lawn, and will result in uneven watering. You should raise your sprinkler head or keep the grass around it low always.

Install a Filter

Leaks, blockage and malfunctions in the pipes, hoses, valves and other components of the irrigation system are often caused by sands and grains of stones which find their way into the sprinkler system. Most modern sprinklers already come with filters that keep the grains and sand away, but just in case your doesn’t, invest in filters. You wouldn’t only be saving water; you would also spend less on repairs.

Whereas some of these water conservation techniques are simple practices that you can do by yourself, you would require expert services for installations of filters, modern emitters, smart controllers and other devices. You can always bank on us to help you with professional advice and quality services related to your irrigation system. To conserve water efficiently, contact us now!

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