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July 14, 2020


Water is an essential element of life so as a water well pump!

However, not every country has enough water to circulate round to its district. This births the need for a residential pump.

Water scarcity is one of the challenges that face the world today. Many homes, schools, and organizations do not have access to water. Hence, they need accessible water wells for plumbing and water wells. Regardless of the challenges, every home and building can access freshwater if they have a water well pump.

Well pumps are electro-mechanical equipment used to move water out from well water into homes. There are different kinds of pumps; however, the best residential pumps you can ever find will be discussed in this article. If you need a good pump or need to replace your well pump, it is essential that you understand the basic types of well pumps that exist.

1. Jet Pumps (Single drop)

Jet pumps are placed outside the well, and they are always housed differently. Sometimes, they are housed on the well, or in a well house, or within your home. And this makes it easy for them to be easily repaired, compared to other kinds of water well pumps. Jet pumps create suction through a pipe extending down into the well using an impeller motor. And this enables the water to pass through a jet, or narrow opening. The single drop jet pump is the perfect pump with a shallow well of about 25 feet. Due to the short distance between the tank, and well, water does not need to travel a long distance before it gets to the tank.


Single Drop vs Double Drop Jet Pump

Culled from Popular Mechanics

2. Jet pumps (Double drop)

Jet double drop pump is the perfect pump for a deep well, that is deeper than 25 feet. Unlike the jet single drop pump, the setup, and operation is different. The double drop jet pump’s impeller motor remains above, just like the single drop jet pumps, while the jet assembly is located within the well. The jet is housed down in the well. The jet pump can draw water than the usual pumps, to support the long distance between the pump and tank.

3. Submersible pumps

Deep well submersible pump isolated on white.

Submersible pumps are subdued into the well, below the water, and that is why the name is submersible. The submersible pump resembles a long metallic cylinder, and if the pump is properly set in the well, it draws water directly from the well using a motor, through the bottom of the unit first, and then up through a flow sleeve up. The water in the well flows through a grill in the pump, into the discharge pipe, and this pushes the water up, and out of the submersible pump. The pushed water goes to a connector, pit-less adaptor which reroutes the water to the horizontal waterline on the pump before it finally enters the home.


Most of the pumps that exist today are submersible, and due to their durability, and lifespan, it happens to be the most recommended water pump for homes with deep wells. It is the best well pump for wells with more than a hundred feet, and they can perfectly work for 25 years, without repairs.


Now that you know how to recognize the best water pump for your homes, do you desire to change your water pumps to any of the pumps mentioned in this article? Connect with us to help you fix, and maintain your water pump. Remember that water is essential, the same way water well pumps are essentials.

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