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Providing a Range of
Commercial & Residential Electrical Services

Thinking industrial level electrical services or just a residential electrical fix? We are your go-to agency of thought.

We have proven to be a quality-driven, experienced and time-conscious agency that is poised to deliver on our promises on quality, sustainable electrical services.

Our local electrical contractors have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the safety and security of your home, identifying hidden wiring issues, electrocution and fire risks, and more that can put your home and family at risk.



Expert Advice

We offer expert advice on a wide range of  electrical services. All you have to do is ask! We are always at your service.

Licensed Contractors

Our team boasts of local, experienced and licensed electrical contractors that are well equipped and can effectively attend to all your electrical services needs.

Safety Conscious

We are always conscious of your safety, this is why all our electrical contractors undergo exclusive training to ensure to ensure that safety is prioritized.

24/7 Available

We are always available round the clock. Do you have an emergency electrical situation that you need to solve as soon as possible? You know who to call!

Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

Don’t try to be a DIY expert with electrical repairs, you will end up complicating the issue. It requires the expertise of an electrical contractor with extensive experience and that is we offer at ACS Electrical Services. A call will solve the mystery for you!

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation

Don’t let electrical installations become your weak link. All your electrical installation must be done right at any cost. Now, you can enjoy installation of the most advanced electrical equipment with out electrical contractors. Let us fix up your electrical installations today!


Electrical Automation

Electrical Automation

Your electric appliances can be work intelligently the way they ought to. You can configure your electrical appliances to be controlled by a smart device, giving you more control over your electrical appliances from wherever you are. Our electrical contractors are ready to walk you through your electric appliances to move the smart life.

Electrical Services

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

We believe in the standards of excellence, commitment, and thoroughness. This places us a class apart from our closest competition. Our team of electrical contractors is thoroughly trained and professional with their background checks clearing them of any faults.

As an organization, we believe In your peace of mind and we are committed to pursuing it by all means. Our contractors are duly insured and in the event that a complication occurs, you will be entitled to the insurance. In an emergency, our promptness to service that has seen us come on-site in less than 60 minutes to call-in time is also an outstanding quality that set us apart.

If you want to get it done fast and safe, it has to be ACS Electrical Services.​

Electrical Wiring

Electrical Re-wiring

Installing your Electrical components is half the trouble, maintenance is the real deal. Maintenance and rewiring will help you reduce the risk of emergency repairs and damage to your appliances. By upscaling your wiring and electrical installations, you will save power and improve your energy consumption. Whatever you need to get done with your electrical upscaling, we are at your service.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers Installation

Power surges and disruptions can occur and without a circuit breaker installed, you are left at the mercy of the forces of electricity. Getting your circuit breakers installed by ACS [dki} electrical contractors means that you are getting premium service from highly skilled contractors who have every move insured and checked against. It cannot get better than ACS Electrical Services

Electrical Emergency Services

Emergency Services

When nothing can wait, trust that us to help you save the day. The first impulse in any electrical emergency should be to reach out to ACS Electrical Services. All our electrical contractors are insured and certified, this leaves you in the best hands you can think of.


They came on-site in about 45 minutes after I booked the appointment. The technicians were so professional, and they obviously knew what they were doing. The professionalism was top-notch, incredible stuff

John Smith

ACS Electrical Services particularly deserves all of the high praises. Clearly, the outfit knows exactly what they are out to do. Their electrical contractors were highly skilled, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend them

Jenny Cane

Experts Got You Covered

Our Other Services

Where Your Needs Is Our First Priority

At Authentic Custom Services, you mean so much to us. We do not treat you as just another customer, you’re our Florida neighbor and we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional electrical services.

Our electrical services is tailored to meet your expectation on a friendly budget, to keep you running daily without any electrical faults. Besides, our technicians handle each project with a focus to get you options and deliver the service at a competitive rate. Not to mention, with safety insured.

Get ahead of electrical mishaps by contacting us today at (813) 473-2271 or filling out our online form!

Save Money With Our Electrical Services – Get More with Less!

Ours is not just about fixing problems. We focus on delivering high-quality electrical services that is durable and can be relied on. Our technical support is always available, and in record-time, our electrical contractors would be at your doorstep. With us, we advise you on the best saving method. Based on our experience, we know are able to walk you through the rope and you don’t get to spend a fortune. Get More with Less!


Top Three (3) FAQ on Electrical Services.


Question: Why is my electrical panel buzzing?

Answer: Well, don’t get too worried. There is a 99.9% likelihood that a breaker could be loose, or a hot breaker is allowing current to flow between hot and neutral. All you have to do is send us a message, and a qualified electrical contractor would be at your doorstep.


Question: Can I do small electrical works myself?

Answer: Definitely NO!!

Considering that you are not a qualified electrician, it is advisable you do not take this direction. Even though you are familiar with the basics, you cannot outweigh the place of expertise. Besides, the safety of your household is very much important and you don’t want to risk it for anything.


Question: When should I have an Electricity Safety Check?

Answer: This is quite thoughtful of you. We advise an electricity safety check under the following conditions:

  1. When you are buying a new property that has been occupied before.
  2. When your property is more than 25 years old.
  3. If you are not at peace over any equipment.
  4. If it’s been more than 5 years since your last safety check.