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July 2, 2020

Let’s talk about the french drain installation drainage system!

To have your home in the best possible condition, it is imperative that you have a good drainage system, especially if you live in Florida, US. Unfortunately, homeowners in Florida usually experience a lot of property and yard flooding because of the relatively long-term rainy season and rainfall spells throughout the year.

What causes flooding is when rainwater doesn’t permeate as quickly (usually because of heavy rainfall) into the earth’s crust. This leads to water rising above and flowing along the earth surface.

There is a unique blend of soils throughout Florida. These soils are predominantly sandy from a casual inspection, but there are several layers of clay located underneath the beautiful homes of Florida as well. These layers of clay, depending on their thickness, will act as a form of plastic film in the soil, retaining water on its surface and forcing water to disperse and flow around horizontally. This makes absorption of water into the earth impossible or slow.

When excess water starts to go underneath your property, it’s only a matter of time before the water finds its way through your concrete slabs. This can lead to various problems including structural damage and uncomfortable internal moisture in your home. These potential issues make it a necessity for you to get a good drainage system. But what type?

Normally, you can choose between two commonly used drainage system  – Catch Basin and French Drain. The French drain installation is the more popular system and for good reason. Yet, before getting a French drain installation, you should ask and answer some specific questions.

  1. What is a French drain?

You must already know that water in the soil typically finds pockets and tends to move downwards. A French drain installation aims to quicken the downward motion process by drawing the groundwater from between the drain rock’s large pockets and redirecting the water from wherever it may pool. It does this through a simple system constructed from a downward-sloped, modestly sized trench filled with rocks or gravels, and a perforated drainpipe.

  1. What are indications that you may require a French drain installation?

One of the most efficient ways of telling where you may have drainage problems is by observing the amount of time standing water remains in that area. Furthermore, the best way to tell when you may need a French drain installation is by observing your lawns, basement or the perimeter of your home. If there is standing water and mud, damp or moldy floors and walls or discoloration from water, you need a French drain.

  1. How much space is required for French drain installation?

The room a French drain installation will take is usually dependent on the specific irrigation problem and individual needs. However, the conventional French drain has a trench of a ½’’ width and depth of between 9’’ to 2’’. The length of the drain traverses the perimeter of the drainage problem.

  1. How can you tell when the installation is functional?

If professionals did your French drain installation, you may not need to worry about this. It’s easy to know when your French drain installation is working. Simply study the location of the drainage problem that forced a trench excavation. If water is still collecting or pooling there, then there might be an obstruction to water flow or something else. This means that the French drain installation is dysfunctional.


With us, you can rest assured you will receive the best cost-effective drainage solution that are built to last. Our systems help protect your home from potential foundation problems and beautify your lawn. From Clearwater, FL, to Auberndale, FL, and beyond, our drainage solutions a will help you flip the switch on solving your drainage problem.  To install a french drain, simply reach out to us by clicking here.

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