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June 22, 2020

You may have never had heard of a well pump pressure before.


Have you owned your home for a long time, or this is your first time as a homeowner?


This means you might not be able to identify when the pressure switch of your well water pump is bad or faulty. There are even possibilities that you do not know what the switch looks like until you find out that you need a well pump repair. What would you do by then? Let us first explain what a pump pressure switch is.

What is a well pump pressure switch?

A well pump pressure switch works by sending a signal to the pump to either start or stops pumping depending on the pressure that has been built up in the water system. This pressure setting is of two kinds: the cut-in pressure and the cut-off pressure. On the switch are numbers written in range as 20-40, 30-50, or 40-50. The lowest number signifies that the pump will start to fill your tank, while the highest number signifies it will stop. The location of your pressure switch is determined on how the well system is set up. It can be placed in your garage or basement, for jet pumps the pressure switch is attached to the pump itself. While for submersible pumps, they are placed somewhere else.





How to tell if a pressure switch is faulty before you call for a well pump repair?

Now that you have an idea about what a pressure switch is, it will be easier to identify when your well pump repair is at hand. Just like it is with every mechanical system, damages are inevitable, which means you can’t avoid having your pressure switch breaking down at some point. General wear and tear, loosen spring, clogged system, and corroded wire ports can prevent the switch from functioning properly. Some of the common issues that you might experience with your water pump when it comes to bad pressure include.


  • The pump works fine, but the water pressure is weak.
  • The pump does not come on and refuses to supply water.
  • The water pump runs well, but, the pump cycles on and off almost immediately.


Other common problems with pump pressure switch are:

The switch won’t come on or go off

If your water pump is not generating the right amount of pressure, it won’t signal the pressure switch to go off or on. Asides from the pump, see if the pressure gauge is working.


The switch goes on and off repeatedly

If your pump seems to be repeating its cycle, few of the common cause is a blown bladder in the tank which needs to be replaced. Also, check if the switch has not been damaged by continuous cycling. Besides, leakages in your pumping system can cause the pressure switch to go on repeated cycling which can also damage the switch.

Clogged pressure sensor

If you have your pressure sensor clogged with sediments from your water, it can damage the switch. Clean the tube that connects your switch and water supply, it is however economical to just replace the switch itself.


Bad electrical contacts

Over time, the electrical contact of your pressure switch can degrade leaving you to go for a well pump repair. Two major causes are the presence of corrosive materials and the continuous cycling of power to the switch. You can take care of this temporarily by filing away the affected part, but for permanent fixing, you will need to replace the switch.



Now you know how to identify when your pressure switch is damaged. Once you see any of these signs, do not hesitate to reach out to us for your well pump repair. All you have to do is to click here. Remember, that proper maintenance will save you a lot of money, do not wait until the whole pumping system breaks down before you carry out maintenance.


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