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May 19, 2020

Ever so often, you definitely will need a tune-up. A tune-up is a form of preventive maintenance. It often includes corrective maintenance as well to ensure that your sprinkler system is working as intended. In situations where it is not, you will definitely need a sprinkler system repair done. You can request for a professional Tampa sprinkler repair agency  if you reside in Tampa. However, it is essential that you have a sprinkler maintenance plan in place to enable your sprinkler systems stay tip top.


Executing a tune-up for your sprinkler system is akin to running a full sprinkler system repair. It is only that with a right tune-up appropriately done, you can prevent quite costly sprinkler system repairs. In this post, we will run through the essentials of what you need to execute a sprinkler repair and full tune-up:


There are three stages to executing a tune-up:

  • Pre tune up
  • The tune-up
  • Post tune up


Pre tune up

Before you undertake a sprinkler system repair, there must be a number of factors motivating it. Even when its a scheduled tune-up, before you find yourself calling for a Tampa sprinkler repair agency to keep your sprinkler working. There are some specific things to look out for.  Here are a few hints.


Spray heads that are too low

Is your irrigation systems spray heads too low? This is one of the signs that you are due for a sprinkler system repair. Once you start noticing that your sprinklers cannot maintain a clear irrigation course, take action. It’s time to start thinking of engaging the services of a Tampa sprinkler repair agency.

Zone valves you cannot shut off

When your sprinkler systems have been in use for a while, it is normal for some of the valves to stop working. When these issues start cropping up, you should start thinking of a full sprinkler system repair at the worse or a simple tune-up at best.


The Tune-up

There are a lot of symptoms and signs that could signal that you need to engage the service of a Tampa sprinkler repair agency. When you get any of these signs, you should call in to book an appointment and have your tune-up done.

Like servicing a car, a tune-up takes stock of your entire sprinkler systems. It determines what part of your entire sprinkler system needs to be repaired and tuned up. A Tampa sprinkler repair agency will evaluate the entire sprinkler infrastructure and determine the line of action to be taken. The steps would usually include the following:

Turning on the valve in each zone

This will enable a thorough view as to which of the valves are working properly and which valves are not. This is a standard procedure and will be carried out as part of the evaluation. Non-functional valves will be replaced.

Adjustment of the sprinkler head

If you have found out that one of the concerns is the position of the sprinkler head, they will adjust the position of your sprinkler head for you.

Cleaning the sprinkler screen

If the water from the sprinkler is not evenly distributed, it might be due to the accumulation of dirt or debris in the screen of the sprinkler. To ensure that the sprinkler system repair is complete, the screen is cleaned or replaced to ensure the right flow of water. The Tampa sprinkler repairs agency will do much more than these two in the process of tuning up your sprinkler system.



When your tune-up is done, your sprinkler system returns to a state that is as good brand new. This might be the end of the tune-up, but you shouldn’t forget that it is the build-up to the next tune-up. You should pay careful attention to how your sprinkler system behaves even after the tune-up.


Finally, the moment you notice any issue with your sprinkler, or you are due for a sprinkler tune-up, do reach out to us by clicking here. We are a premium Tampa Sprinkler Repairs agency. Not only do we have the local knowledge, but it is also skilled and will get your tune-up done in no time at all.

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