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Irrigation Repair

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Irrigation Repair

Everything related to irrigation repairs we irrigation repair it right the way you need it. We have seen everything in the field from major leaks to simple little small irrigation repair leaks. Make the right call now: 813-473-2271

Our list of services include:

  • Repair and/or Replace Sprinkler Timers (clock, irrigation controllers)
  • Repair and/or Replace Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Add New Sprinkler Heads or Entire Zones(s) of Sprinkler Heads Drip System
  • Repair Broken Sprinkler Pipes and/or Fittings
  • Install, Repair and/or Replace Automatic Rain Freeze Sensors
  • Check System for Coverage & Operation of all Heads & Zones
  • Diagnose & Repair Low-Pressure Problems
  • Sprinkler Leaks Found & Eliminated
  • Detect & Repair Cut Sprinkler Wires
  • Locate, Repair and/or Replace Sprinkler Solenoid Valves
  • Sprinkler Maintenance Programs, Restore Lawn Sprinkler systems
  • Extend New Lines and Sprinklers, Convertor Install Drip Line
  • Sprinkler Zone Repairs, Nozzle Repairs, Track Valves
  • Valve Failure Repairs, Lawn Sprinkler Repairs,  Broken Pipe Leak’s
  • Drip Line Repair and Installation, Wiring Repair
  • Irrigation Controller Troubleshooting, Irrigation Controller Installation
  • Consultations / Evaluations, Certified Backflow Testing
  • Water-conserving smart controllers / (ET) systems
  • Rain and Freeze Sensors – Installed and Tested
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Irrigation Repairs

An efficient irrigation system cuts water usage and reduces your landscape maintenance efforts. Adequate watering keeps your landscape vibrant and healthy. However, Florida’s restrictions on water usage to prevent drought and conserve natural resources has led to a high demand for new and improved irrigation systems and sprinklers.

We’re irrigation experts. Over 30 years ago, Authentic Custom Services Inc. began offering irrigation repair and maintenance services to keep up with demand. Our irrigation repair,  designs and installs use the latest irrigation and sprinkler systems that will provide just the right amount of water to your landscape and eliminate water waste and damage to your expensive decks, patios and driveways.

Authentic Custom Services Irrigation Sprinkler Repair

General Irrigation Sprinkler Repair Services

With us, you’ll lower your bottom line cost, save money on water, and improve the pattern in your landscape to create a beautiful landscape. Our technicians are licensed, well trained and equipped with the latest technologies to handle all forms of irrigation sprinkler repairs which includes but not limited to wire troubleshooting, clogged nozzles, controller repairs and leaks. 

Authentic Custom Services Irrigation Installation

Full Service Irrigation Installation

We’re all about delivering high- quality irrigation  installation. Regardless of the type of the type of irrigation system you intend to deploy, our technicians are adept to provide exceptional services like no other irrigation agency. We treat all customers requests with high priority and our technicians are licensed to handle full service irrigation installation.

Authentic Custom Services Irrigation Re-piping

Irrigation Re-piping

Are you ready to replace your old irrigation pipes? We know that overtime, leaks and corrosion would take its toll on your irrigation piping and as a professional irrigation agency with over 30 years of unmatched experience, we can design your new irrigation system with the most efficient use of time and materials. Our technicians are well trained to handle full irrigation re-piping and you can expect the best while saving cost.

Authentic Custom Services Lawn Sprinkler Repair Leaks

Irrigation Valve Leaks

Valves are best described as the mitochondria of a lawn irrigation system and should be well maintained to avoid problems such as low pressure and leaks that can shut down water supply. Not to mention irrigation valve leaks increase bottom line cost and downtime, while you lose money. Our technicians are well trained and available to help you ensure they are working at 100% efficiency.

Autehentic Custom Services Irrigation Sensors

Installation/ Repair of Irrigation Sensors

Either you are looking at repairing your soil or rain sensor or you want to do a full sensor installation, our technicians are well equipped to handle it. We will advise you on the best cost-saving path to have your irrigation system at 100% efficiency.

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repair irrigation pipe leaks-min

Repair Irrigation Pipe Leaks

When an irrigation pipe leaks, it increases your bottom line cost and your downtime, and you definitely don’t want this. While you can handle some of these leaks yourself, you should leave that to a professional who would go beyond locating the leak and repairing the leaks but doing a full irrigation piping audit to ensuring that the whole cascade is pretty good. Not to mention, that such an occurrence doesn’t happen again in the nearest time as possible. With us, you reduce bottom line cost and downtime efficiently.

locating underground leaks-min

Locating Leaks Underground

Locating leaks underground is a sensitive irrigation concern, and this requires only a licensed professional to avoid a cascade of irrigation problems. Not to mention, an underground irrigation pipe leaks increases your bottom line cost and your downtime, and you definitely don’t want this. At Authentic Custom Services, we have licensed professionals who are well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to locating underground leaks and doing a full irrigation leaks audit.

Backflow Irrigation repair-min

Backflow Irrigation Repairs

While the main focus of a backflow is to prevent contaminated water out of your water supply, it is pertinent to your irrigation system. Not to mention, a backflow component system also helps protect you and your neighbors from potential sickness and allows you to enjoy clean water when backflow occurs. We have licensed technicians who are well equipped with the latest technologies to carry out a full inspection and do timely repairs of your backflow component system.

well pump leaks-min

Well Pump Irrigation Leaks

Leaks can occur in a water piping between a well and and its collecting equipment, and this could be as a result of a bad connection, perforation, or cracked pipe when the well pump is running, most especially, when the well pump is a submersible pump. We have licensed technicians who are well equipped with the latest technologies to carry out a full inspection and do timely repairs of your well pump piping.

main water shutoff valve

Replace Main Water Shutoff Valve 

Have you ever noticed that your main water shut-off valve is dripping, when this occurs, it’s only a sign that you should replace your main water shut-off valve to avoid skyrocketed water bills. Leaks are caused by corrosion and damage of the valve, most especially, when the valve is an old valve. We have licensed technicians who are well equipped and trained to handle main water shut-off valve replacement and fixing depending on the required service measure to be taken.

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Where Your Needs Is First Priority

At Authentic Custom Services, you mean so much to us. We do not treat you as just another customer, you’re our Florida neighbor and we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services.

Our irrigation repair services is tailored to meet your expectation and our technicians do well to handle each project with a focus to giving you value for your money while delivering the service at a competitive rate. 

Get ahead of the times with our sprinkler repairs technicians and irrigation services by contacting us today at (813) 473-2271 or filling out our online form!

Save Money With Our Irrigation Repair Services – Stack Up!

Our is not about fixing problems. We focus on lawn irrigation repair preventing methods  that prevent lawn sprinkler failures from ever happening in the first place. It includes activities such as cleaning, adjusting, relocating, repairing, and parts replacement. Each of these activities is performed in order to keep your lawn irrigation system running in top condition and to prevent downtime and reactive fixes.


Top Four (4) Ways Effective  Irrigation Repair Saves You Money

1. Reduced Turf Plant Stress – When it comes to your landscape, preventive lawn sprinkler maintenance drastically reduces stress on your landscape and saves you time to worry about bigger issues.

2. Increase Lawn Sprinkler System Efficiency – When your lawn sprinkler system runs more efficiently, it does don’t have to use as much water. This means cost savings as well as improving your environmental footprint.

3. Reduce the Risk of Expensive Urgent Lawn Sprinkler Repairs – Urgent lawn sprinkler repairs an be expensive factoring all the problems that develop.   Our lawn sprinkler maintenance can dramatically reduce the risk of these costs.

4. Increase the Life of Equipment – In addition to reducing downtime and expensive fixes, our lawn sprinkler maintenance will also increase the life of your lawn sprinkler system. .