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Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Improve Your Pattern While Lowering Cost – Make a Difference Creating an Easy To Manage Sprinkler System With Us!

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Five Star Rating Ryan Very professional service. Communication has been great and small issues resolved quickly.

#1 Lawn Sprinkler Repairs

  • Lawn Sprinkler Control Box Replacement
  • Repairing Pipe Leaks
  • Sprinkler Head Replacement
  • Irrigation Valve Manifold Repairs
  • Improve Coverage Pattern 
  • Troubleshoot Repair Wiring Problems
  • Capping Off Sprinkler Heads
  • Test and Replace Rain Sensor

Serving your local area Hillsborough, Polk and Pinellas County. 

Improve Water Coverage with Fewer Sprinklers

We don’t just repair sprinklers, we cap off sprinklers, relocate sprinklers, reduce sprinklers on each zone for improved water delivery where you need it. Our sprinkler system maintenance plans help you make this a reality.

Effective Watering Schedule

We have seen water bills go up by up to $300 monthly because of bad lawn sprinkler controller programming. We make sure to check this out for you.  

Sprinkler Maintenance Plans That Work

Our sprinkler system maintenance plans really do save you money because we incorporated accidental sprinkler repair, valve replacements into them. Sprinkler and valves are the #1 reason systems go down and our sprinkler system maintenance plans covers it. 

All Credit Card, and Checks Accepted

This is the easiest process in our delivery of service. Pay any way you want – Any payment method is accepted cash, check, or credit cards because we are always making everything simpler. 

100% Warranty Repairs

Everything we repaired will be covered under our warranty because we rely on our work to speak for itself. 

Were All About Sprinklers Services

The difference between a lawn guy sprinkler repair and an expert sprinkler company is night and day. Food for thought – why repair a sprinkler that is watering the back of an ac when it can simply be capped off, installing a sprinkler correctly extends the life by up to 80%…. so much more benefits – don’t sell your self short. 

Experience the Expert Difference

You get what you paid for in the long run it will cost you more if you don't get the professionals Authentic Custom Services Inc. (813) 473-2271

Serving Hillsborough Polk, and Pinellas County - It all begins with a quote and ends with a flawless artificial turf installation. 

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ACS Lawn Sprinkler Wire Troubleshooting

Lawn Sprinkler Wire Troubleshooting

Everybody knows lawn sprinkler wires are troublesome, and it can be much more serious when you are under a scorching hot sun trying to resolve it in the midst of the cascade of wires. One wire is off the whole system will go down. Don’t jump to conclusions without the expert sprinkler tech in Authentic Custom Services Inc. knowledge. Why stress yourself when our lawn sprinkler professionals can can solve the problem for you instantly? We are good at what we do.

ACS Lawn Sprinkler Control

Lawn Sprinkler Control Repairs 

Ever handled a sprinkler controller before? You’d know how delicate an instrument it is, as you don’t want to imagine what happens when a wire goes off. But here is the deal, it is bound for these things to happen, and all you need to do is to reach out to us. If you mess with all the features on it something is bound to happen because we see it all the time. We will identify the problem, and do the repair or advise a new controller. But rest assured, that we are definitely putting into consideration all possible factors, including your budget.

Authentic Custom Services Lawn Sprinkler Repair Leaks

Not Only Sprinkler Repairs – We Simplify Your System

The more you have the more you have to worry about in regard to repairs. Our goal is to make your system easy to manage to reduce your over leak repair cost. It’s high time you got rid of the backflow leaks and mainline irrigation connections that are responsible for the skyrocketed water bills. Don’t wait for the next water bill before taking action, our lawn sprinkler technicians are more than ready to put an instant stop to the leaks.

ACS Clogged Sprinkler Nozzles-min

Clogged Sprinkler Nozzles

Let’s install a filter at the valve manifold and watch the clogged nozzles and sprinklers disappear. One of the common problems that is responsible for dry spots in your lawn is a clogged nozzle. Interestingly, debris, dirt and sand clog up nozzles over time which disrupts the flow of water, and causing dry spots on your lawn. Our lawn sprinkler maintenance plans will help with this. 

Authentic Custom Services Lawn Sprinkler valve repairs

Sprinkler Valves Malfunctioning  

As we said sprinkler and valves are the #1 reason sprinkler systems go down. Malfunctioning valves are silent water bill increases. The parts inside a valve gets worn out over time and this causes them to not close all the way when not in use. A very small trickle of water will allow water into all the sprinklers without popping them up. The way you catch this problem is with over saturation in one area, high water bills, or suddenly a zone stuck open – by that time you have wasted over $1000 over time. Luckily our sprinkler system maintenance plans covers this too we guarantee this will not happen when you’re a member. 

Authentic Custom Services Lawn Rotary Sprinkler Repairs

Damaged Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary sprinklers are built with the capacity to deliver water irrespective of the degree angle with a long water coverage. But when they are no longer rotating, they do otherwise. Call us today for an on-site assessment of your rotary sprinklers to avoid having dry spots on your lawn.

It’s not just about lawn sprinkler repairs. It requires more knowledge…

The difference between hiring and experienced lawn sprinkler repair company vs the lawn guy, handy man or plumber is something to worry about.

Often times we visit the lawn sprinkler customer property after the damage has been done. We come to find many sprinklers installed with many ongoing installation failures. The cost way up high with many redundant sprinklers that just don’t make sense. In a nutshell the so-called lawn guy, handy man, plumber expert just add sprinklers thinking it will improve the pattern. The only thing it improves is more cost repairing extra sprinklers you don’t need, not to mention lowered pressure and reach.

Where they add sprinklers, we remove, cap off and relocate sprinkler with gaining coverage with fewer sprinklers, gaining pressure, delivering better coverage and creating an easy to manage lawn sprinkler system with one visit.

  • Lawn sprinkler zones don’t turn off;
  • Sprinklers are not coming up,
  • Notice leaks and a high water bill?

We give the strategic repairs for a true lawn sprinkler repair difference.

With our lawn sprinkler repairs you’ll lower your bottom line cost, save money on water, and improve the pattern in your landscape to create a beautiful landscape. 

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Lawn Sprinkler Repairs

Lawn Sprinkler Repairs

When you call us we start with complete lawn sprinkler system evaluation. In our lawn sprinkler repair system evaluation we pressurize all your zones, inspect for leaks, inspect your valve manifold, test your rain sensor, check the controller for the right programming schedule, look for pressure inconsistencies, check the integrity of the wiring, and much more. A complete lawn sprinkler repair evaluation report will be generated with immediate repairs and recommended repair options.

Our Lawn Sprinkler Repair Evaluation Identifies Everything You Need

We regularly revamp lawn sprinkler systems to make them as easy to manage because doing this gets our word out. Our end lawn sprinkler revamp repairs keeps delivering and talking to your neighbors. Rest assured with us – no more ongoing lawn sprinkler repairs, no more sudden accidental damages, lower water cost, improved landscape beauty.

Take Action Now with Authentic Custom Services Inc.

Do you know the average sprinkler system repair takes one to two hours and the average cost is $50.00 to $200.00? Yours could be higher or lower depending on all the repairs that are necessary to complete the work. We are your number one lawn sprinkler repair company giving out quality and unparalleled sprinkler system repair service within record timing.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Take action now with your lawn sprinkler system evaluation call us now 813) 473-2271

Most Common Lawn Sprinkler Repairs:

  • Controller Settings – With one extra cycle in the controller can mean up to $300 extra water cost. The controller can be easily misadjusted which in turn will cause significant problems. Another lawn sprinkler repair problem your controller is extremely outdated, and in desperate need for an update. The savings are amazing if you update your controller with a wifi lawn sprinkler controller. Our lawn sprinkler technicians can install leak detectors with sms elerts. 
  • Valves – Valves are silent bombs. Leaking valves slowly start leaking not closing up all the way leaving water to run through the sprinkler system slowly with a small unnoticed water trickle. This can go unnoticed for months if not inspected by a trained lawn sprinkler professional. Valves are common lawn sprinkler problems we see on a daily basis. 
  • Mainline Leaks – We’ve noticed mainline leaks as small as a pinprick on a pvc line. Overtime this problem can add up in cost if not identified early. Again only an experienced lawn sprinkler contractor can help identify these type leaks. Main line leaks are the most water consuming problems, because was the water does not stop running until the your main house shut off is turned off.   
  • Overuse Of Sprinklers – This is a problem that is always overlooked or not even considered. We always recommend reducing sprinklers, and increase coverage with less sprinklers. This saves money on water, wear and tear, and less maintenance time. 
  • Drip Lines Leaks – Drip line only works if all the line is fully pressurized. With one single tear or leak, the rest of the line fails to deliver water to the other sections of the line. Again vitaly important that a trained lawn sprinkler professional checks the system to capture this problem. 

Upgrade your lawn sprinkler system today with a Wi-Fi smartphone controller; install leak text alerts and soil sensors.

Sign Up On Our Worry Lawn Sprinkler Repair Maintenance

  • New Lawn Sprinkler System Installation
  • Spring/Fall tune-ups for your system
  • General Maintenance and Inspections
  • Checks and adjustments of sprinkler systems
  • Sprinkler head repair and replacement
  • Raising and lowering sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler valve replacement
  • Electronic sprinkler valve location
  • Repairing broken sprinkler pipes
  • Sprinkler controller timer replacements
  • Lawn Sprinkler Repair Wiring problems
  • Coverage problems
  • Pool rerouting
  • Rain and Freeze Sensor Installation
  • Double check assembly replacements
Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

Lawn Sprinkler Repairs

Looking for an Lawn Sprinkler Repair company “near me” Contact us online or call (813) 473-2271! We proudly offer 24-hour emergency onsite visits.

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Where Your Needs Is First Priority

At Authentic Custom Services, you mean so much to us. We do not treat you as just another customer, you’re our Florida neighbor and we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services.

From delivering lawn sprinkler repair services that meets your expectation on a friendly budget, we also offer other handy services to keep you running daily. Our technicians handle each project with a focus to get you options and deliver the service at a competitive rate. You deserve clear upfront cost with options for the best sprinkler repair choice.

Get ahead of the times with our sprinkler repairs technicians and irrigation services by contacting us today at (813)473-2271 or filling out our online form!

Get More With Less – Save Money With Our Lawn Sprinkler Repairs Services!

Our is not about fixing problems. We focus on lawn sprinkler repair preventing methods  that prevent lawn sprinkler failures from ever happening in the first place. It includes activities such as cleaning, adjusting, relocating, repairing, and parts replacement. Each of these activities is performed in order to keep your lawn sprinkler system running in top condition and to prevent downtime and reactive fixes.


Top Four (4) Ways You Save Money With Our Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services

1. Reduced Turf Plant Stress – When it comes to your landscape, preventive lawn sprinkler maintenance drastically reduces stress on your landscape and saves you time to worry about bigger issues.

2. Increase Lawn Sprinkler System Efficiency – When your lawn sprinkler system runs more efficiently, it does don’t have to use as much water. This means cost savings as well as improving your environmental footprint.

3. Reduce the Risk of Expensive Urgent Lawn Sprinkler Repairs – Urgent lawn sprinkler repairs an be expensive factoring all the problems that develop.   Our lawn sprinkler maintenance can dramatically reduce the risk of these costs.

4. Increase the Life of Equipment – In addition to reducing downtime and expensive fixes, our lawn sprinkler maintenance will also increase the life of your lawn sprinkler system. .