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We’ll find any leak guaranteed using the right application to locate your leak. With us, you gain the confidence and reliability you expect from professional leak detection company. 


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Leak Locators is a full-service water leak detection company plus repairs


Swimming pool leaks are difficult to find because they are not always apparent. The plastic lining that some pools have may have tiny leaks that are invisible to the naked eye, which in turn can allow them to persist while costing you dearly


The problem is that pools can be some of the largest wasters of water when they aren’t maintained properly. Scientific American states that pools lose between 20 to 30 percent of their water as the result of leaks.


Our irrigation leak detection service goes through a number of steps designed to accurately determine where irrigation leaks exist. This process is designed to make repair easier, which in turn can help you save a substantial amount of money.


sub utility leak represents an interesting conundrum that not all homeowners have to face. These lines are generally only found on properties where water and sewer lines are run to structures like pools, backyard gardens or guest homes. These are typically located on another part of the property apart from the main residential structure.

Underground Leak Pipe Repairs

Water is a precious resource that costs money to acquire. Certain areas have such an unreliable or low supply of water that some local jurisdictions impose restrictions on everything from car washing to lawn watering to conserve water.

Slab Leak Detection

Detecting slab leaks is an intricate process because of the way plumbing tends to be encapsulated by concrete. This allows the leaks to erode the surrounding foundation. When this happens it can cause extensive and problematic problems that endanger the integrity of the entire home.

Complete Leak Detection Pros

Leak Locators is a full-service leak location and detection company with a team of experienced professionals servicing North and South Carolina and Virginia.

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At Authentic Custom Services, you mean so much to us. We do not treat you as just another customer, you’re our Florida neighbor and we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services.

Our leak detection services is tailored to meet your expectation on a friendly budget, as we also ensure to keep you running daily. Our technicians handle each project with a focus to get you options and deliver the service at a competitive rate. 

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Our is not about fixing problems. We focus on leak detecting methods to prevent further leaks that might occur in the future. Our team of technicians is fully equipped and trained with the latest technologies for seamless leak detections regardless of the scale of leak. With us, you are able to identify all weak pipes and we advise quick and proactive measures to prevent high scale leaks.  


Top Three (3) FAQs on Leak Detection.

Question: How do I know I have a leak?

Answer: Good question, all you need to do is to watch out for the following signs:

  1. Loss of water pressure
  2. Water coloration
  3. High electric bill
  4. Water pooling over the surface
  5. Cracking or potholes


Question: How does Authentic Custom Services locate leaks?

Answer: Several methods can be deployed to locate leaks but the common techniques we use is sounding (ground mics), noise correlators, pressure testing and helium detection.


Question: What causes leaks?

Answer: There are quite a number of factors responsible for leaks but the under listed ones are more prevalent:

  1. Water pressure
  2. Soil conditions
  3. Corrosions
  4. Shifting
  5. Accidental breaks during excavation