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March 5, 2020

There’s no need denying that having a sprinkler system comes with a whole lot of benefits compared to manually watering your lawn or fields. It is not only time and energy saving, but it is also more effective in ensuring your lawn has that lush green look. 

Besides, you also don’t always have to worry when going on holiday. All you need to do is to have your timer in place, and you have a well-irrigated lawn. 

However, installing a sprinkler system might be a nightmare if certain things are not considered. So, to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of your sprinkler and the beauty of your lawn, you need to look into some of these things;

The Landscape

The landscape, situation and topography of your lawn determine what sprinkler system you might go for. It would help if you considered how swampy, high or hilly your area is. Lawns situated in steep or hilly areas would likely not go for drip irrigation. Choosing drip irrigation might be much of a task because of water waste and run-off. 

Meanwhile, an above ground or drip irrigation would be perfect for a swampy or low area. This will ensure that the lawn is not flooded and that the grasses retain its green appearance. One more thing to note is the size of your lawn. Extensive gardens or lawns will require a lot of resources like water and also specific sprinkler systems against a smaller one.

Soil type 

The porosity of the soil on which the plant is grown determines how much water is needed. Sandy soil is more porous and less likely to absorb and retain water than clay soil. Knowing your soil type gives you the right irrigation method to go off. Choosing a spraying method would not be bad for a lawn grown on clay soil as it retains water efficiently. 

On the other hand, if you notice your soil type had low water retention, you need to opt for a spraying method that would keep it moist for the plants. Some systems too are more favourable for specific soil types.

Plant type 

Apart from soil type, one thing that determines the appearance of your lawn is the plant type. If you are growing more vegetables than grasses, it means you will not need much water. If your lawn has diverse vegetation means some area would need much water than others. So, you might need a sprinkler system that would accommodate such. 

Easy usage

It’s one thing to install a sprinkler system, and it’s another thing to use, manage and maintain it effectively. You need to use a sprinkler system that you can easily apply, and you can find its repairer. This will require you to consultant an irrigation service provider for professional advice on the skills needed for each system.

Total cost 

Though you want to have a well-irrigated lawn, it does not mean you should empty your account. You might need to go for installation services that will suit your budget, cost and be affordable. It would help if you considered services providers like Authentic Custom Services that will give you your desired value and time that meets your budget.

Water supply

An irrigation system is meant to be more comfortable than manually watering your lawn /garden, but when you have a sprinkler system that consumes much water, it becomes difficult. You need to check the availability and supply of water in your area before choosing any irrigation method or system. Some sprinklers consume much water than others.


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