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Sod Delivery & Installations Services

No Middle Man, Buy Sod In Bulk Delivered Straight To Your Door, Fresh Cut Sod Exclusively From Our Sod Farm

Sod Delivery & Installations Services

Buy & Install With Us To Save Money!

It’s important that you use the right sod for your type of soil, shaded, or full sun area? You don’t know what you need? Don’t worry we can answer that during your quote.

  • Sod Delivery And Installations
  • Fertilized Ready To Install

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Before we install your sod we repair all your sprinklers to run with full coverage. Remarkable results with a 100% sod installation warranty. St. Augustine for Full Sunlight: Floratam St. Augustine for Sun and Shade: Seville Other Types: Bahia, Bermuda, & Zoysia

  • Sod Delivery Fee $85 Minimum 2 Pallets: St. Augustine Floratam “Full Sun” $245.00 (500 SF), St. Augustine Shade Sod Seville $260.00, ST. Augustine by piece $4.00
  • Bahia $145.00 (400 SF), Bahia by piece $3.00
  • Zoysia $355.00 (400 SF)

There are several factors that make us the best at SOD installation company. First, we have the best sod farms in Central Florida with the best quality SOD directly from the sod farm fresh and fertilizer ready. We take very step to ensure a remarkable outcome to guarantee our 100% warranty. First we complete a free sprinkler repair evaluation and make all the necessary repairs to ensure full water coverage. Our process take up to two weeks to install your sod when done right without skipping any steps. We have been installing SOD for over 35 years.

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