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Sprinkler System Maintenance

Okay let’s get your initial & recommended repairs done now. Then we’ll set you with the best  maintenance plan that works for you! Click here to access your sprinkler system maintenance agreement.

Focusing on Saving You Overall Cost With Our Sprinkler Maintenance Membership?

Our main focus is to reduce your overall lawn sprinkler system repair cost, and create an easy to manage sprinkler system with minimal maintenance. If we reduce our maintenance visits, and save you cost at the same time we both win. Here is how we plan to make this happen;

  • We convert 8-12 sprinklers to 4-6 per zone  – We recommend 4 to 6 sprinklers per zone, but we always find 8 to 11 per zone. Fewer sprinklers equal less sprinkler repair cost, better coverage with increased water pressure. This will reduce our ongoing sprinkler repair visits, water usage, and increase better water delivery.
  • Sprinklers will be relocated where they are needed – often times we find sprinklers spraying the fence, air conditioning unit, walls, behind a shed, and sprinkler right next to each other. We need sprinklers to spray the turf and lightly spray into flower beds really taking advantage of the sprinklers.
  • Capping Off Redundant Sprinklers why should we keep all these useless sprinklers running if they are not needed only adding sprinkler repair cost and over watering?
  • Correct in ground sprinkler installations – Did you know installing sprinklers incorrectly will increase the chance of them breaking off by 70%. Its very important proper sprinkler installations are done to avoid many accidental issues. Our trained technicians will do this right because this will lower our sprinkler system maintenance visits.
  • High riser sprinklers will be eliminated – Hedge trimmers decapitate, cut off, and damage high sprinkler risers. They are an eyesore, not effective considering the upkeep and spray pattern – too much wasted water. No reason to keep them going. Instead, let’s install sprinkler in the best areas for increased better coverage and use limited drip line only where needed.
  • Drip line “soaker hoses” reduces cost – Again it involves correct installation steps with limited drip line use. Drip line is meant to drip water straight into the root system of a plant. We must keep the drip line close to the plants with two straight lines not in a random setup. The drip line must be visible to always have it in mind when working in your landscape or when your lawn crew is working.
  • Well replace valves showing signs of wear immediately – valves are silent water wasting pitfalls because they sometimes stay on with a very little small drip for years without you noticing it. Your water bill gradually silently increases because of the small valve drip leak. In addition to this more wear and tear adds up on the sprinklers, destroys your turf because of overwatering and plants get sick.
  • Rain sensor always active and controller programmed with seasonal changes

With any of our maintenance plans except for us to start transforming your system. We will reduce ongoing accidental repairs, complete preventative repairs, and optimize your sprinkler system water coverage pattern as we see the best effective way. 

Immediately in our first initial repairs with recommendation we start addressing everything referenced above, optimizing and repairing everything that is needed to start saving you money. 

Take action now with your first initial repairs and recommendations to begin the process. Call us at (813) 473-2271 to set up your appointment

Why Authentic Custom Services Inc?

Sprinkler repairs are expensive with emergency repairs and wasted water. Having the proper lawn sprinkler maintenance plan is critical for comfortable living. When deciding whether to create a maintenance plan for your sprinkler system a lot of factors must be considered. Without a plan maintenance is stressful, but a proper plan will help relieve mental and physical stress. This plan will save you money by managing the water usage, reduce manual labor, and save on supplies. If well kept, the maintenance plan will produce a fruitful lawn that will help bring up the monetary value of the property as well. Your sprinkler system will have a longer life also by managing the timer and usage. Taking the time to map out and execute the proper sprinkler maintenance plan for your property will have its benefits. And it is important to remember to consult a professional if you are not sure how to create the proper plan for your sprinkler system.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Your membership will change your sprinkler system into a simple effective low maintenance system. Your maintenance plan membership pays for itself with the ongoing savings we create for you.

Do you have a plan that covers all repairs including accidental?

Yes our all repair plan covers accidental damage and more…  The main reason a system goes down is either a sprinkler leak or a bad valve and our all repair plan covers both sprinkler and valves. Our all repair plan will eliminate ongoing issues, reduce your sprinklers, increase water delivery where you need it, replace all your valves by the end of the year at no extra cost, free filter installed at the valve manifold to reduce our nozzle clogging, well take all the measure to optimize your lawn sprinkler system, so we can avoid regular maintenance. 


How much waster water on a 4-zone system?

Water wasted: $50 to $300 wasted water per month, over watering, controller programmed incorrectly, redundant sprinklers watering ac unit, unknown ongoing underground leaks, stuck valves and malfunctioning rain sensor.


Does your "It's Our Sprinkler System" plan cover everything I need to keep my system going?

Yes, typically the reason a lawn sprinkler systems goes down is due to one accidental sprinkler damage resulting on the whole zone not pressurizing up. This is covered with the plan at no extra cost – we even take it further by making needed adjustments to avoid this from happening again to save cost on our end. 

What is my yearly sprinkler repair cost for a four zone system?

Yearly repair cost: $200 to $1500 maintaining redundant sprinklers when they can be capped off instead, poor sprinkler pattern results in sod, and plant replacement, accidental damage one sprinkler brings down all the zone, extra emergency repair cost,  preventative repairs to avoid rerouting lines around trees saving so much money, and ongoing frustration time is money.

How do I get started with your sprinkler system plans?

Lets us complete a full a lawn sprinkler system repair with our recommendations, and you qualify. The first two months are free, with a yearly contract.

With your sprinkler maintenance plans your goal is to keep cost down?

Yes the more simple and fine-tuned your system is the better for us because we avoid time-consuming costly service calls on our end. Our goal is to create a simple lawn sprinkler system that will run like a well oiled machine with very little maintenance. 

Does the discounted sprinkler plan requires your initial repairs?

Yes in order to get you on our “discounted sprinkler plan” we need to transform your system as an easy to manage system to lower your cost and save ourselves money on ongoing repair service calls. Our goal is to avoid ongoing repairs on both options.  

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"No more ongoing sprinkler repair problems is well worth the monthly cost"

– Jared 

Finally, Sprinkler System Maintenance Plans That Work! 

Your Premier Choice for Services – Authentic Custom Services Inc.

Sprinkler System Maintenance Plans That Work.

At Authentic Custom Services, you mean so much to us. We do not treat you as just another customer, you’re our Florida neighbor, and we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services with everything we get involved.

With our maintenance plans we will produce a fruitful lawn that will raise the monetary value of the property. Taking the time to map out and execute the proper lawn sprinkler maintenance repairs and recommendations.  As you can see, signing on our sprinkler system maintenance plans creates many benefits immediately.  Our sprinkler system maintenance plans has everything you need for great benefits. You will not lose anything but gain everything when signing up for one of our sprinkler system maintenance plans. Take advantage of the benefits, and eliminate the worry instantly by signing up now. Again you have everything to gain with our sprinkler system maintenance plans. 

Get ahead with our lawn sprinkler sytem maintenance plans, by contacting us today at (813)473-2271 or filling out our online form!

More money savings with our Sprinkler System Maintenance Plans!

Sprinkler system maintenance save you money. Having the proper sprinkler maintenance plan is critical for ongoing savings. When deciding whether to create a lawn sprinkler maintenance plan a lot of factors. Not having a sprinkler system maintenance plan creates extreme wasted cost. Our plans cover everything reducing over sprinkler repair cost and increases coverage for a beautiful lawn. Signing up on one of our lawn sprinkler system maintenance plan will help reduce cost immediately. Instantly you will gain many benefits by singing up on one of our maintenance plans. You will save money by managing the amount of water, reduce sprinkler repair cost, gain better coverage with us. This will also allow for the sprinkler system to have a longer lifespan without having to change the pipes.

Here are more benefits when becoming a member with our sprinkler system maintenance plans:
1) Allows for area water restrictions issued by the counties to be observed while simultaneously ensuring the lawn is properly cared for. This avoids the dangers of being ticketed by failing to comply with your county. 2) Allows for uniform water coverage lawn development and maintenance to thrive creating a beautiful lawn with improved water patterns. 3) Allows for maximum area development to allow different degrees of water to be placed where needed for individual areas with flowers, trees, and/or gardens. 4) Allows for improvement on value of property for resale and genuinely improves your curb appeal. 5) Allows for reduction water waste. By ensuring water reaches areas  where water is needed. 6) Most federal home grants and tax breaks include provisions for a proper lawn maintenance care plan system. Thereby reducing out-of-pocket expenses and reducing the ecological footprint. 7) Allows for the homeowner to devote more time to quality of life improvements, and decrease your worry on sprinkler repairs time and frustration.