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October 2, 2020

What comes to your mind when you walk by a property and all that stares back at you is endless ragged lawn space and a nice building at the end. You are most likely of the opinion that the owner does not care about his surroundings, which brings to mind, lawn irrigation.

The beauty of your property is seen in that area that passerby can easily see when they walk by – your lawn. The huge difference it can make to the aesthetics of your property is the reason why you should take good care of your lawn – lawn irrigation.

During Fall, this can be tremendous work. It becomes imperative that you keep your grass healthy, green and beautiful even when the weather is against it. During Fall, the earth on which the grasses grow undergoes some changes. You must therefore alter a few parameters if you intend to keep your lawn healthy – lawn irrigation.

These five tips for effective lawn irrigation during Fall can help you to make the most of your lawn and keep the plants healthy and green throughout all of the fall period:

Reschedule watering

You might love to watch your sprinkler do its job as you get dressed for work or perhaps in the cool of the evening. That is fantastic but during Fall, you should reconsider that move. Given the soil condition, the best time to water is in the early morning and that is not 7 am. The ideal time is between 4 am and 5 am. The reason is that during this time, the air is cooler and there is the absence of hot winds that dries water off grass blades. If you are hand watering, you should aim for the same time frame. If you are using an automatic sprinkler, each zone should be watered for at least 20 minutes – Lawn irrigation.

Be generous with the water

During the fall, the water level in the soil is not optimal, the hot temperature makes sure of that. That is exactly why you have to be generous with your water. You want to penetrate the soil and ensure that the water circulates. The fact that the climatic condition is one of the reasons why you have to be generous with your water.

 All in or all out

During Fall, you cannot afford to water your lawn halfway. You should be watering your lawn at least twice a week. If you will not be able to oversee the thorough watering, you can decide to allow the lawn to lie fallow. If you are watering though, spare no expense.

Know your soil and water accordingly

As a homeowner, you should know your soil type, which will inform how you water. If your soil is sandy, watering every three days or so is best. For clay soil, it’s ideal to irrigate the lawn once a week. Your soil determines how much moisture it can hold and if you take a general idea and run with it, it might end up being disastrous in the end.

Invest in smart lawn irrigation systems

A lot of homeowners see smart lawn irrigation systems as a waste of resources, it is definitely not. In the fall, you are better off watering your lawn with a timed system than otherwise. If you can, you should also invest in pulsating sprinklers. That way, you will reduce the chances of waterlogging and pest buildup.


Don’t forget to ask for help

We often have to remind ourselves of this, Authentic Custom Services Irrigation is at your beck and call if you need help or professional guidance with any of the irrigation issues you might have with your lawn. Reach out today!

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