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Nothing good lasts forever, especially drainage pipes. The initial smooth flow that your plumbing generates will stop someday. When this happens, it will lead to weakening and leakages. But the good news is this, we will be on hand to help you with unclogging drains.

Neglected pipes and drainages can wear and tear with usage. This is why maintenance is important. Preventive maintenance will help to increase the lifespan of your plumbing. Keep your drainage from the effect of debris buildup. 

We are available to work on both residential and industrial properties, our unclogging drains services ensure that your plumbing is in the right order.

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Expert Advice

We offer expert advice on all forms of unclogging drains issues. We are always at your service, ask away and we will provide our expert analysis and professional diagnosis of the issue.

Licensed Contractors

Our team boasts of local, experienced, and licensed plumbing contractors that are well equipped and can effectively attend to all issues that your drainage might have. We have only the best, your projects are always in good hands.

Safety Conscious

We are always conscious of your safety; this is why all our contractors undergo exclusive training to ensure that your safety is prioritized. We are highly rated on safety, we prioritize it.

24/7 Available

We are always available round the clock. An emergency with unclogging drains is just another day in the office for us.

ACS Clearing Clogged Drainage

Clearing Clogged Drains

You can totally rely on Authentic Custom unclogging drains services. When you clear your clogged drains, the risk of damage is ebbed. Our technicians are skilled in the fine art of unclogging drains problems and clearing them in record time.

ACS Plumbing Repairs

Extra Plumbing Repairs

Once there is clogging, it is only a matter of time before you begin to experience plumbing mishaps that might lead to a cascade of problems. The good news is that beyond unclogging drains, we can also proceed to repair the affected areas.


ACS Unclogging Drains

Unclogging Kitchen Drains

It’s okay to get tempted to try to unclog your kitchen sink by yourself, no thanks to DIY. But in the event that you are unable to unclog successfully, it’s advisable that you reach out to us. Our contractors are fully trained for these scenarios day in day out and would unclog your kitchen sink in record time.

Unclogging Drains

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

We believe in the standards of excellence, commitment, and thoroughness. This places us a class apart from our closest competition. Our team of plumbing experts are thoroughly trained and professional with their background checks clearing them of any faults.

Since they have been cleared, they are fit to clear your drains of all kinds of clogs and blockages. Our team leaves no part unchecked. When it comes to plumbing fixtures and piping, no one wants to pay more than they expected. That’s why we talk to our clients directly and honestly during every phase of the project.

As professionals,  we understand the importance of giving our customers a comprehensive estimate that clearly explains the services we’re going to provide and how much they will cost. When a technician makes a suggestion, they’ll answer all your questions and clearly explain every option.

Unclogging Bathroom Sink

Unclogging Bathroom Drains

Before you rush to get the plunger, be sure this is what you are capable of handling to avoid a cascade of plumbing mishaps. In the event that you are unable to unclog successfully, it’s advisable that you reach out to us. Our contractors are fully trained for these scenarios day in day out and would unclog your bathroom sink in record time.

ACS Clearing Methodology

Approved Unclogging Drains Methodology

We use an approved clog clearing methodology to help you keep your plumbing clean and smooth. The method of cleaning will not scrape your plumbing fixtures, this way, no breakage will occur. The process eliminates clogs immediately and can even be used to remove tree roots that have gotten into the outdoor sewer line.


I have tried a couple of other service agencies, one led to the pipe breakage. With ACS, the clog removal was fast, professional, and very helpful. The technician walked us through the process and then, proceeded to execute.

kaithlyn Conrad

We were moving out and thought of checking all the fixtures for clogging. The immense experience the ACS technician brought to bear was exceptional. Definitely recommending to the new owners.

Carolyn West

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Our Other Services

Where Your Needs Is Our First Priority

At Authentic Custom Services, you mean so much to us. We do not treat you as just another customer, you’re our Florida neighbor and we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional drainage unclogging services.

Our plumbing services are tailored to meet your expectation on a friendly budget. We aim to help you with any form of drainage blockage and get you back on track in time. Besides, our technicians handle each project with a focus to get you options and deliver the service at a competitive rate. Not to mention, with safety insured.

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Save Money With Our Unclogging Drains Services 

Ours is not just about fixing problems. We focus on delivering high-quality plumbing services that is durable and can be relied on. We are always available and can arrive on-site in record-time, our plumbing contractors would be at your doorstep. With us, we advise you on the best saving method. Based on our experience, we know are able to walk you through the rope and you don’t get to spend a fortune. Get More with Less!

Get More with Less!


Top Three (3) FAQ on Unclogging Drains


Question: I have a blocked drain, how long will this take to unblock?

Answer: Drain blockages vary and can never really be determined how long an unblock can take due to the different obstructions that can be causing the issue. In most cases, we tend to clear 80% of blockages within an hour.


Question: My sink is draining slower than usual, should I have it looked at?

Answer: Yes. By your sink draining slower a complete blockage is around the corner. It’s best to nip it in the bud sooner rather than later.


Question: What are the signs I have a clogged drain?

Answer: There are a few things you can look out for, which may be able to indicate you have a blockage issue in your drain system. Some of the most common signs of a blocked drain include; inconsistencies in your water levels in your toilet, water draining away a lot slower than usual in your sink or when you flush your toilet, and of course, foul-smelling odors being produced.