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Well Pump Repair

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Well Pump Repair Customer Five Star Rating Mariela “Im so happy I contacted Authentic, becasue they did not leave until I had water back on for my family working late until 9pm on the weekend”

Delivering the fastest reliable well pump repairs seervices in the industry  service you can count on when you need it 24/7 on your time.

We have the specs for any type of projects: 

Serving your local area Hillsborough, Polk and Pinellas County. 

Expert Well Pump Repairs

Troubleshooting is the only way to find out what is wrong with your well pump system. We don’t just say lets replace parts – well deliver the expert education you need to make an informed decision – don’t sell your self short.

Well Pump Repair Options

Well give you cost-effective well pump repair options. We understand your family is not always prepared for unexpected repair bills. If there are other money saving options – well find them to keep your water running.  

On-Time When You Need Us

Without water everything stops so well make every effort to get you going back up with water immediately. We are here when you need us, not when we are available. 

100% Warranty Installation

100% Warranty on all well pump repair parts when we do the work. If we installed it or repaired it – we have it covered with 100% warranty. 

Positive Reviews

Every outcome we strive to deliver unmatched value with expert advice or quality craftsman ship backed up with our positive reviews. 

Financing If You Cant Afford The Repair

If you don’t have all the money upfront to get your system going back up. Don’t worry we got you covered too with our monthly payment options creating a monthly payment plan your family can afford.   

Well Pump Repairs Now!

Experience the Expert Difference

You get what you paid for in the long run it will cost you more if you don't get the professionals Authentic Custom Services Inc. (813) 473-2271

Serving Hillsborough Polk, and Pinellas County - It all begins with a quote and ends with a flawless artificial turf installation. 

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Authentic Custom Services Well Drilling-min

Well Drilling With Only Premier Commercial Parts

We offer the most comprehensive well drilling solutions in the region. Our contractors are well-equipped with high tech technologies to ensure that you get the best well drilling service in record-time. 

Whether you have a residential to commercial property, well water has a number of financial, health, and environmental benefits. Here is how we make it better than our competitors;

  • We look for the best area to avoid fewer toxins in your water
  • Customize filtration system for the taste of your water to be softer and more healthy
  • Your well pump system will be eco-friendly since it naturally coming out of the ground
  • No more water bills with unlimited source of healthy water

Don’t cut corners when installing your new well pump system because the drilling area, is the same much importance as the depth of the drilling. More over its vital that you only use the best commercial parts in the industry to ensure an amazing commercial quality installation. Don’t expect us to sacrifice any of these qualities – we will not install your system any other way. If you want quality contact us today at (813) 473-2271

Trouble shoot well pump system parts

Well Pump Repairs & Replacement

It’s not just about replacing parts it’s about troubleshooting to identify malfunctioning parts. Repairs are bound to happen and with us, we don’t just fix the problems, but we deal with the core problems and take preventative steps to ensure that you don’t get caught up again without water. We also advise should there be a need for well pump replacement as the last resort. Our team of well pump experts is fully available for an on-site assessment to keep you running without ever going down again attached to our sprinkler system maintenance plans. 

Goulds 2 Inch Bronze Packer Jet Assembly

Restore any Well Pump System Troubleshooting Everything

With well pumps come a cascade of eventualities, one of which is troubleshooting the well pump. Avoid trying to fix this yourself as it requires the expertise of a professional to avoid a cascade of problems. Our experts in our team of contractors is more than ready to assist with all well pump system no matter the complexity. Jet packer systems requires the right expertise to restore your system. Click here are some specs details for your understanding. 

Complete Well Pump Repairs

Control Box, Pressure Switch, Valves and Tanks Replacement, Everything Troubleshooted for Repair

You get lucky if you call a professional on time before your pump burns out. What causes the overheating is a failed pressure tank or pressure switch. When this happens you need to move fast in order to avoid a cascade of problems. We walk you through the process of educating you why the parts need to be replaced – it needs to make sense to you before you approve the work. Call us today to get an understanding of needed repairs 24/7 to attend to your requests. 

Well Pump Repairs

Free Well Maintenance With Our Sprinkler System Maintenance Plan

This is very important to the efficiency of your well system. A full well maintenance done on a regular schedule is all you need to save money and avoid stress and to keep your well running at 100% efficiency. Did you know by simply doing a yearly well pump check up will extend your well pump by 60% adding 2 to 10 years of life? Well monitor every component withing the well pump system to really make a difference.

Your #1 Choice With 100% Warranty No Competitor Can Beat – Get it water now!

Emergency Calls Available Holidays & Weekends 24/7!

Expect to see an emergency well pump replacement technician at your doorstep immediately if you call us. Choosing us for your well repairs means having top-quality brand name pumps. Everything we use is top brand products with extended warranty. Make the call today for your well pump repair, get a system that will last for many years!

Keep your water well and pump in tip-top condition with regular maintenance with us. Additional advantages for customers include a 1-year part and labor warranty on all work and a 3-year warranty available on residential pumps.

Authentic Custom Services Inc

Well Pump Repair & Replacement Services

Well Pump Repairs In Minutes with ACS

Welcome to Central Florida’s best water well repair service provider throughout surrounding locations. We are known for our accurate, safe, and problem-free drilling expertise when it comes to well pump replacement.

Emergency Well Pump Repairs Call Now

We are not just skilled but also you’re trusted well pump replacement company offering one stop well pump solutions. From our years of experience, we have come to discover that well repair issues and well pump replacement are not just planned, so, we’ve got you covered.

Complete well pump repair Services – 

We cover all well repairs; such as well pump replacement, install new pump controls, complete water well services, water treatment, water filters, water leaks, water pressure problems, water supply piping, water softeners, water tank types, pressure tanks, water quality problems, pressure switches, well piping, well controls – featuring pump repairs. We can also supply you with all the parts you need for your water well-establishing project.

In search of a well pump replacement company for emergency repairs, we are just a call away!

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Looking for a polished Well Pump Repair company “near me” Contact us online or call (813) 473-2271! We proudly offer 24-hour emergency repair services when you need us!

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Everything Related to Well Pump Repair – We Got You Covered!

  • Deep well Repairs
  • Well Repairs
  • Well Services
  • Shallow well Repairs
  • Irrigation Well
  • Agricultural Wells
  • Stock wells
  • 4″, 4 1/2″, and 6″ well diameters
  • Well Design & Location Services
  • Well Drilling
  • Water Contaminant & Testing
  • Water Piping, Controls, Drains

Commercial & Residential Pump Services

When it comes to well repair, the following are inevitable; filter changes, well rehabilitation and sanitation, pumping and recovery levels, pressure testing and electrical control checks, inspection reporting, well weatherization, seal and gasket checks and replacement, pump testing, inspections, and cleaning, constant pressure control, Submersible pumps, Hand pumps (manual pumps), Jet pumps, Solar-powered pumps, and Windmill pumps.

Don’t look further for any Well Pump Replacement company!!!!

We are your one-stop-shop for commercial & residential well repair services

Our Other Services

Where Your Needs Is First Priority

At Authentic Custom Services, you mean so much to us. We do not treat you as just another customer, you’re our Florida neighbor and we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services.

Our well pump repair services is tailored to meets your expectation on a friendly budget, and to ensure you keep running without delay. Our technicians handle each project with a focus to get you options and deliver the service at a competitive rate..

Backed by Guaranteed Parts & Workmanship

The heart of every well is a pump and when there is a problem, it’s either you carry out a complete well repair or you need well pump replacement. However, when this is not done, one can go without water for days. If you noticed dirty water or have a sudden loss of water you need to call in for a full well repair assessment immediately.

Thinking of a super-fast, well repair and well pump replacement company? We are on standby and our services are delivered along with professional care, and warranty.

Rest assured if your well pump fails you, our team, will have you back up and running with our experts in no time working around the night to ensure you don’t miss a beat without water.

We are fully licensed, bonded & our insured well repairs experts are available to address emergencies 24/7. Authentic Custom Services holds to a high standard of service. In fact, we are known for our courtesy! You can expect our team to communicate with you throughout the entire well pump replacement process and provide you with upfront estimates and no hidden fees.

Get ahead of the times with our well pump repairs and replacement services by contacting us today at (813) 4732271 or filling out our online form!

Complete Well Pump Repairs – Submersible, Centrifugal, Dual Pipe Shallow Well Jet Pumps.

At Authentic Custom Services, we handle all forms of well pumps which include but not limited Centrifugal, Jet Pumps, Submersible or Booster Pumps. We are reliable and fast, and we deliver on the same day. We aim to keep you running, and we do so with an on-site assessment of your pump, then we focus on the solutions at a competitive rate. Each of our repair processes is performed in order to keep your well pump system running in top condition and to prevent downtime and reactive fixes.


Top Three (3) FAQs on Well Pump Repair & Replacement

Question: How do I choose the right well water pump?

Answer: Well, don’t get too worried. There are many types of water pumps out there, all for different needs whether that be for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. However, our team of contractors is well adept to identifying the right well water pump after a direct consultation with you.


Question: Is well maintenance important?

Answer: Definitely, YES!!

Without a doubt, well maintenance is sometimes overlooked but on the flip side, having a regular well maintenance schedule is key to identifying early, repairs necessary to keep your well pump running at a low cost before it transcends to a bigger scale. This does not only saves money but also saves stress.


Question: When should I have a professional inspect my well system?

Answer: This is quite thoughtful of you. We advise you to invite a professional to inspect your well system when you notice the following:

  1. Loss  of water pressure
  2. High electric bill
  3. Change in odor and appearance of water
  4. Air spurts in water
  5. Noise coming from the pump house
  6. Water Leaks
  7. Any doubt call us immediately (813) 473-2271