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April 22, 2020

Beyond doubts, you must have seen a landscape light and how beautiful it makes your lawn….

The crown jewel of the house is the garden, landscape light is a very fantastic way to show off your property and give it the attention it rightfully deserves. It is usually a choice that every home owner has to make, especially if you intend to show off your landscape and house and also be security conscious.

It is not enough to buy lights and fix them in your garden, there are a couple of things you should know before you install a landscape light. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know before installing a landscape light:


Why do you need a landscape light?


Increased security:

Installing landscape lights means that there is no dark corner where burglars can hide and carry out atrocities.


Landscape lights allows you show off the beauty of your garden and the lawn. Passer-by can appreciate the beauty of your carefully manicured lawn and you can sit on the porch and enjoy the view too.


A well-lit landscape means that guests and visitors can easily navigate your outdoor space safely. This will reduce accidents and ensure the safety of everyone.


Landscape lighting means that you can use the lawn and garden for entertainment all round the year. This removes the lawn and garden from being just a pet hobby, it makes it practical and functional.


Types of Landscape Light…


There are different lighting types for landscapes, each serving its unique purpose. Each of the lighting type performs particular functions, it is befitting to run through each function:

Garden lights:

Garden lights accentuate the features of flowers, trees and shrubs. Using canopies on treetops, the lights reflects downwards and help to properly see. The lights are just right when you are considering pathway makers.

Wash lights:

They are usually manufactured in the shape of small satellite dishes, the shape of the light means that they can diffuse the soft light they radiate. Wash lights are the perfect match for lightening walls, fences and other solid, flat surfaces in your landscape.

Bullet light:

Like the name indicates, bullet lights are aimed at a target; lighting up a particular structure, the light beam is narrow and focused.

Well light:

If you have a lot of shrubs in your garden, or you are looking at lighting up all the pathways that runs through your outdoor space, the well light is the right choice. Used to lighting up the lower part of shrubs, fence and even pathways, the well light is an essential part of landscape lighting.

Flood light:

If you are looking at showering light over the entire landscape, flood lights will get it done for you. Flood lights are wider than bullet lights and brighter than wash lights, these qualities make it necessary for use as a versatile outdoor lighting option.


LED or halogen?

Deciding on the quality and type of light you want in your landscape is enough thought. Besides, you also have to decide if you want LED or halogen lights. The best recommendation will be for you to use LED lights, there are several reasons why LED is king. The fact that the lights are long lasting and efficient is enough reason why you should use LED lights for your landscaping. The average LED bulbs will last over a few years. The lights can also withstand temperature shock, a useful feature for those Florida sudden winter surge.



Knowing about landscape lights is not enough, you have to consult with professionals when it comes to installing landscape lights. At Authentic Custom Services, we can fix you up and get your landscape lighted in no time.

Thinking about lighting up your lawn and garden irrigation? You know who to call! Request your quote today and let’s get started.

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